Recover Hair Transplant Centre

A Typical Day Spent at Recover Hair Transplant Centre

Since this is a centre with indoor facilities, mostly our client’s report to us one night before the procedure. Hair Extraction process is started early in the morning and completed by the breakfast time. Grafts thus extracted are sorted, stored and counted side by side. After breakfast break designing and planning of the hairline is done.


Then the space is created in the scalp for the grafts to be inserted. This process is called Slitting and usually it takes about an hour. Then starts the process of graft implantation and it is usually carried on till the evening. In between lunch, toilet, tea and coffee breaks are given.


Usually smoking is very much discouraged during the procedure but still compulsive smokers may take a break in between. The procedure is carried out in a happy and friendly environment. A particular note is made of the client’s choice of music or TV programme during the process. Then after dinner and night’s rest the same procedure is carried out the next day for those who have to undergo a second consecutive session.

Dr. Niraj Kakkar (MD)

The Recover Hair Transplant was started by Dr Niraj Kakkar (MD), Since 2008, He is pursuing his passion of hair transplant procedures on his clients.

Dr Niraj gives hair transplant guarantee to his clients, which means that hair transplant will be 100% successful. Dr. Niraj (MD) has spent a lifetime closely studying, watching, experimenting and analysing all the developments in the field of hair transplant not on the patients but on himself too.


  • 01 Won't I go bald in the area from where my hairs will be taken out?
    No. First hair are removed not in bunches but very carefully leaving one to three hair in between. Secondly because of the left stem cells 50 to 60 percent of them regrow back and the donor area looks quite good just after two weeks.
  • 02 How much pain will I have to bear?
    We can’t say about other centre’s but at our centre we claim a totally pain free procedure with our own devised and patented techniques.
  • 03 How will I know that how many number of grafts have been extracted?
    At our centre we put counted and sorted out 300 Grafts in one Petri Dish(Tray). So anyone can count 300 Grafts and multiply by the number of trays lying in the Refrigerator to get to know the total number of extracted grafts.
  • 04 After how much time will I be able to resume my work?
    God has made every human being in different way. But normally people with good will power are able to resume their activities in one to two days.
  • 05 What do you say about swelling around the eyes after transplant?
    Swelling comes after one to two days of transplant but goes off in about two days. People usually carry on with their normal routines by wearing dark glasses for about four days after transplant.
  • 06 Any other problems which I might incur after transplant?
    One may have mild itching, headache and numbness which subsides soon after sometime.
  • 07 Any other precautions?
    No not at all. We allow loose cap, bandana or headgear from the next day onwards. Our patients start taking regular baths from next day onwards. We encourage people to resume their activities like gymming, walking and traveling as soon as possible. We don’t let people bother about sweating dust and sun because they will be bathing daily. We let people lead their normal natural lives and there are no do’s and don’t in this centre. And this is because we are confident about our results.
  • 08 When will my hair grow?
    Normally new hair start spouting after four months and then they take two to four months to grow and one starts looking good after six months.
  • 09 What is the duration of the procedure?
    Usually it takes one to two days.
  • 10 Can I dye my transplanted hair?
    Yes one can dye every week or as frequently as one desires.

FUE Process

Firstly Donor Area assessment is done and the donor site is marked. The process is started by giving local anaesthesia with a a very thin, fine and small needle. Graft Extraction process is then started by using minimally invasive 0.6mm punches, leaving one to four hair follicles in between. Side by side the extracted grafts are Harvested (taken out of the skin of the scalp).

Another team carries out the process of Graft sorting. It invloves cleaning, counting and separating the grafts. These grafts are placed in a preservative solution in different petri Dishes(Trays). The dishes are numbered and labeled according to their time of extraction and put in a Refrigerator.

Next comes the process of Designing the hairline. Bald area assessment is done to determine the depth, angle and density of grafts in various areas.

 After all this slitting is done with micro instruments according to the format decided earlier. Graft Implantation is the final step in which grafts are inserted in the bald area and grafts extracted first are implanted first. After the procedure the donor area is bandaged which is removed the next morning.

For the post procedure care our clients are given detailed written instructions in the native language.

Hair Transplant Cost

We are charges Rupees 10 (about 25 cents) per Graft. You can have an approximate idea from these pictures by looking at the area you want to get covered and decide accordingly. This price includes Room Charges and Hospital Stay food served during the procedure. Medicines used during transplant are also included and there are no other hidden costs.

Airport pickup, drop, sightseeing and medicine after the procedure are not included, but can easily be arranged at client’s request.

Recover Guarantee

It means that if our client is dissatisfied in any manner after full growth of transplanted hair has taken place his job will be redone free of cost. It’s very rare at our center because the work is done with utmost care and in full prior consultation with our clients.

Everybody is explained about all aspects of the procedure. Clients are loaded with detailed written instructions at the time of discharge.

Nobody is abandoned or left on his own after the procedure. A regular and meticulous follow up with pictures is done on Whatsapp or emails and time to time instructions are given.

"When the driving force behind a project is the passion to beautify the looks, and not the monetary gains, then the end result is perfect."
Dr Niraj Kakkar (MD)