What is FUE ?

It means Follicular Unit Extraction method. Hairs grow in groups of two to four and each group is called a Follicular Unit. When the whole group is extracted with automated punches it is called FUE technique. It is a landmark advancement over the old FUT technique in following manner :-

  • There are no scars and stitches in the donor area.
  • Number of extracted grafts is much more leading to a much better coverage, density and overall look.
  • FUT is painful because of the skin cutting involved and stitching of the wound.
  • Graft Transection(cutting of the follicles) is more with FUT and it leads to unnecessary hair wastage in the precious donor area.
  • Wounds with FUE are almost minimal and they heal in less than one day. With FUT wound healing and stitch removal takes 7 to 10 days.