What would be done during the day of procedure?

 When a patient reaches our center first and foremost he is asked what he wants from the procedure, the type of hairline he wishes, which are the priority areas that he wants to get covered, all his fears and doubts are cleared and then after that, the doctor starts assessing the donor area to see the quality and availability of hair. Donor areas include the back of the head, beard, pubic hair, and hair from other parts of the body. The number of grafts to be implanted is discussed, time consumed in the procedure is told, hairline designing is done after discussing the likes and dislikes of the patient at length, temporals are marked and approved by the patient.

Once the hairline design is finalized, trimming starts and the donor area, as well as the grafted area, is exposed, various markings are done, tests such as Allergy tests (to confirm that the patient isn’t allergic to any of the drugs we use during the procedure), blood tests are performed and then finally the hair transplant procedure is started. 

During the procedure first of all Extraction is performed, followed by Slitting (in which spaces are made for the grafts to be implanted in), and lastly Implantation is done.