When and how can I remove scabs after my hair transplant?

Crusting takes place in the Grafted Area. and is of greyish-white colour. Sometimes cracks also start appearing in the grafted area which is normal. 

After 4th day of transplant, place a wet towel on your head for one hour and wipe it over the grafted area. The crusts will soften and keep on falling (5% to 10% every time). Keep doing the same process for seven to ten days starting from the 4th day of transplant.

After the crusts fall off your head will become clean and each hair can be seen individually. Thereafter, there is no need to use Johnson baby shampoo, you can use any shampoo you wish. Most of the *grafted hair* will fall off in two to three weeks after the transplant. New growth of hair will come after 120 days of hair transplant procedure. Then these newly sprouted hair take two to three months to grow and one starts looking good after six to seven months of the transplant.