Can doctor assess the degree of hair loss in online consultation?

From pictures we are only able to give a rough idea of the number of grafts required, the quality of hair in the donor area and  availability of the donor area but we can’t assess the exact  number of grafts to be implanted. The exact number of grafts to be implanted are decided on the spot after physical examination in which we assess the quality and thickness of hair and most importantly after ascertaining the SIZE OF THE FOREHEAD the patient wishes to have. Size of the forehead is very important in assessment of frontal baldness which is needed for calculating the number of grafts required. If supposing a person wishes to have a smaller forehead then more area coverage would be needed, thus more number of grafts and if a person wants a bigger forehead then lesser area coverage and less number of grafts will be required. Such things are decided after face to face consultation only.

Another frequently done mistake is that at times patients cover their head with remaining hair or use flash while clicking pictures or send pictures of shaven heads, in such scenarios the assessment of number of grafts required cannot be done accurately. 

So there are some downsides of online consultation but still we are able to assess about 70-80% of what the person wants from the procedure, the donor area quality and number of grafts to be grafted.