Why is face-to-face consultation important before hair transplant?

Face-to-face consultation is extremely important before the hair transplant procedure. Dr Niraj Kakkar believes that this is the most important thing because once we physically touch the hair we are able to assess the quality of hair and we are able to assess how the person will look after hair transplant. Any doubts of the patient are cleared in a better manner and hairline designs (V shaped, Straight, M shaped, C shaped, Temporal sides)are discussed in depth. Patient is explained the hair transplant procedure, cost, duration, what should he/she expect from the hair transplant, when will the results begin to show, things to be done after hair transplant etc. Most importantly all the patient’s myths are dispelled. In case the patient has any ongoing hair issues like dandruff or any other problem then consultation is given for that as well.

After face to face consultations the patient develops faith in the doctor and his team and becomes more comfortable with the procedure. From online consultations we are only able to give a rough idea of the number of grafts required and about the quality of donor area but the actual number of grafts to be implanted are decided on the spot after the physical examination. At Recover hair transplant center every patient is given a thorough face to face consultation where everything is properly explained and the patient’s wishes are considered.